Trick or Treat? Makati closes off Paseo de Roxas for another culinary Street Meet!


Scary ghouls and goblins, jack-o-lanterns and witches will descend upon Paseo de Roxas, promising not just tricks but also lots of treats at the Makati Street Meet this 23rd of October.

Makati will once again prove its distinct city vibe and vibrant community spirit as it transforms an iconic business avenue into a culinary street meet.  A strip of Paseo de Roxas will again be closed as Make It Makati hosts its second Street Meet, bringing together gastronomic delights, a kiddie fun fair and great entertainment for all.

Amidst the trick and treating, musical performances and family activities await everyone at the Makati Street Meet, which promises to delight everyone with spook-tacular experiences and lots of really good food.

Building on the community spirit and the district’s fun vibe, the Halloween Street Meet brings together residents and their guests in a street activity the Makati way. The Street Meet will feature a curated selection of vendors from the famed Salcedo weekend market, a much-loved Makati tradition. Nearby are the iconic landmarks Makati has been known for, now serving as the background to a fun Halloween street experience.

That’s because from 3PM until 9PM, Paseo de Roxas, the stretch adjacent to the Ayala Triangle Gardens, will become a giant Halloween village—frighteningly fun yet a secure, pedestrian-friendly playground for the young and young at heart. Children and their parents can run from their homes straight to the event grounds in their Halloween costumes, enjoying the benefits of living at the center of fun and dynamism.

“Halloween is always fun for kids, so we brought this tradition to Paseo de Roxas, and made it even better. We’d like the Makati community to enjoy this time-honored activity, right here where they live,” said Shiella Aguilar, Project Development Manager of Makati.

Halloween party goers can look forward to a wide range of activities at the Spooky Halloween Town featuring a Hideous Parlor, Masquerade Ball, Wishing Cauldron, Houdini’s Escape Challenge, Magic Monster Photo, Mini Monsters’ Pets, Imaginary Beasts and many more by Hedcen.  There will also be an Outdoor Classroom by PlayWorks, Decoupage by LaPomme and an exhibit on the Tungtong River Conservation at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

For those who simply want to enjoy the good food and lounge around, an Earth Music Jam and other musical performances await guests throughout the evening.

An assortment of treats can be enjoyed from Salcedo Market vendors who will serve up their signature offerings– baked goods, artisanal delights, hometown favorites, and the most luscious concoctions whipped up by homegrown chefs and foodies.

Participating food vendors are Monster Burger, Elbert’s Sandwiches, Saikuro Steak, La Cuisine, Old Fashion Tapa House, Chicken Inasal, Jiro’s Lechon, No Fat No Glory, Llanes Farm, Delicane, The Commissary Kitchen, Authentic House of Curry, Merry Moo, Gostoso Piri Piri, Milea Bee Farm, Rafik Shawarma, Don Churro, Easternbloc Inc., Manong’s Bagnet, Michelle’s homemade putong ube atbp., Rita’s Kitchen, Bersi Gyros Shawarma, Tuna Town seafood place, SCM Beverage, Stanford Shaw Brew, Cheryl’s Cuisine, Margarita’s Paella, Antipolo Delicacies, Pamangan, Bread Basic, and Haici Food Services.

The Makati Street Meet promises fun and excitement and the street vibe that is distinctly, uniquely Makati’s—the locus of the best food, entertainment and lifestyle offerings. This Halloween Street Experience will also showcase the city’s efforts to increase walkability in the area by providing fun-filled activities that encourage people to actively use its streets.

“The Makati Street Meet is another great way to let people discover that there’s lots to do and enjoy just by walking and exploring the streets of the city,” said Aguilar.

The Makati Street Meet is supported by Alveo and Hunt and Gather.

Admission to the street party activities is FREE on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis. For more information about the city that makes it happen, visit or like and follow Make It Makati on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Review on Funbites: Creating Bite-Sized Fun

My two boys are picky eaters. It’s a challenge for me to encourage them to eat what I served. Making creative snack and/or baon for them, I swear it helps improve their appetite. Aside from the appetite stimulant I am giving them, creating simple yet cute bento helps me face the struggle.

I am happy and thankful to Ms. Che of Brightbrands Philippines send me these Funbites. The first time my children saw it, they grabbed and opened the box.

Let me share with you about the product:


Box of the Funbites includes Curved Cutter  and Matching Popper Top

How to use it?

                                                       1.  Remove popper top and put to the side. You’re ready to cut!       
      2.  Place FunBites® cutter on top of food.Hold cutter handles, firmly rock back and forth 5 to 6 times to cut all the  way through the food.                                                                                                                      

3. Lift cutter up from food. Insert the popper top and push down to pop out the bite-sized pieces.

There you go. You and your kids can now enjoy those small bites of food they like. Funbites can be used for your bread and fruits. Make fun using it. They come in different shapes. Please see more here.

Features of Funbites?

♥ Food safe

♥ Dishwasher Safe on top of rack

♥ BPA-Free

♥ Little finger safe

Why bite-sized portion of food?

  1. Children are most likely to be eating small sizes because they can use fork for it.
  2. Bite size of pre-cut food makes your child relaxed while eating.
  3. Bite sizes can also help you determine how much portion your child needs for a meal.

What Funbites can do to help your picky eater?

Based on my experience, the more my children are engaged preparing their baon or snack, they tend to finish their food and less to be picky and they look forward everyday for their baon and funbites is safe for your child to use (age between 5-9).

Where to buy Funbites and how much?

You can purchase Funbites to BrightbrandsPh  for only P465.00

I hope this helps moms and dads 🙂 Let me know your thoughts ♥

Plasmacluster Ion Technology Proven to Decrease Risk of Tuberculosis Infection

The risk of developing Tuberculosis disease is much higher for those whose immune system are very weak compare to those with normal immune systems. We must be aware on how to prevent it and make our body healthy.

Manila, Philippines—Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that mostly affects the lung area. Its person-to-person spread can be attributed to whenever an infected person coughs, sneezes, spits, or even talks, and subsequently transfers microscopic saliva droplets to the air where they can be inhaled by anyone nearby.

The disease is still hitting the country hard with over 290,000 Filipino victims every year. The World Health Organization has confirmed a total number of 9 million cases worldwide with yearly death tolls reaching up to 1.5 million.

Developing countries like the Philippines are still the ones heavily affected by this disease and the fight for its total wipe-out is a movement that should involve different institutions—from the government, to the academe, and down to private organizations and corporations.


This year, Sharp, together with the WHO Global Health Workforce Alliance National Center of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, has put together a team of experts to test and study the power of the Plasmacluster Ion Technology in preventing the spread and infection of Tuberculosis. Plasmacluster Ion Technology, or PCI, is Sharp’s proprietary air purifying technology that uses positive and negative ions to deactivate the effects of airborne viruses, bacteria, allergens and microbes by up to 99%.

For the study, 140 Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Technology devices were placed inside a special Tuberculosis hospital in Tbilisi, Georgia. Both healthcare workers and patients were requested to join and participate.

The healthcare workers who were initially tested to be negative carriers of Tuberculosis became the first core group of participants. To check the effectivity of the devices, they were once again tested for any TB infections 8 months after the installation.

For the 155 Tuberculosis culture positive patients, 49 were initially found without ADR (Acquired Drug Resistance) after the initial Drug Susceptibility Test 2. These 49 patients soon underwent the Plasmacluster Ion Technology trial—this time to determine its efficacy in preventing ADR in TB culture positive patients.

For both groups, the experiment came in with favorable results. The Plasmacluster Ion Technology reduced the risk of healthcare workers to carry the Tuberculosis bacteria. Only 1 out of 10 workers in the PCI-protected area tested as a positive carrier while rooms without PCI resulted to 6 out of 15 positive carriers.


There was also a reduction in number of patients with Acquired Drug Resistance from the Plasmacluster Ion Technology-equipped room with only 1 out of 25 patients compared to the 4 out of 19 affected patients in rooms without the devices.


With over 28 academic trials executed over the years, the Plasmacluster Ion Technology has already proven itself effective in reducing the spread of other hazardous substances such as influenza virus, drug-resistant bacteria, and mite allergens. It even lessens the risk of tracheal inflammation in childhood asthma patients.

Since 2000, Sharp’s involvement in various testings only attest to their dedication and passion in affirming the Plasmacluster Ion Technology’s effectiveness in keeping people around the globe safe and secure. With this vision, Sharp will continue to challenge and test its own engineering to further serve the population better.

Know more about the Plasmacluster Ion Technology by visiting and follow us on Facebook (Sharp Philippines) and Instagram (

1 ADR is the ability of microorganisms to resist antimicrobial agents in which it was initially susceptible.
2 Drug Susceptibility Test or DST is a test used to determine the correct medicine to administer to patients who carry the TB bacteria.


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Sharp Corporation.,Plasmacluster Technology Proven to Decrease Risk of Tuberculosis Infection in Tuberculosis Hospital for the First Time. 2016. Print.

Tuberculosis (TB). (2016). World Health Organization. Retrieved 10 October 2016, from

“Tuberculosis: Still One Of The Deadliest Treatable Diseases In Philippines”. World Vision Philippines. N.p., 2016. Web. 15 Sept. 2016.

Snapcart is now in the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Snapcart users can now enjoy the app more as it brings in more updates and added features to increase cashbacks, simply by snapping receipts!

Inline image 2

Snapcart is a mobile app that gives its users cashback by simply taking a snap of grocery receipts. In turn, data gathered from receipts provide real-time shopper insights to the app’s partner brands.

To bring in more rewards to app users, Snapcart announced users may take a snap, not just of grocery – but other retail stores such as pharmacies, health and beauty stores.  This will eventually expand to all retail establishments including food & beverages, electronics, and apparels, to name a few. Rewards increase as users regularly use the app.

Inline image 1

“We received an overwhelming response from users. We got more than a thousand downloads per day in the first weeks of the launch, surpassing our already strong results in Indonesia, but we still got questions on what receipts to upload. To take the guesswork out and make it more rewarding for users, Snapcart decided to update its features to accept all types of receipts. We also made it more engaging by introducing in-app games that could let users win even more rewards”, said Snapcart Co-founder, Mayeth Condicion.

Inline image 3

The new game is called Snaptastic, an in-app bonus game feature where users can accumulate coins just by filling out in-app surveys, watching videos, taking selfies with their favorite products, or guessing mystery products. These coins may be used to increase users’ chances of getting cash, and other interesting surprises like shopping vouchers from Snapcart’s partner brands.

What’s in it for enterprises?

On a global scale, e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay dominate the use of real-time data analytics. Off the shelf brands continue to rely on manually gathered and limited data on consumer preferences and behavior.

In the Philippines, the online retail market accounts for more or less 3% of the population[1], majority of Filipino shoppers still prefer doing their shopping off the shelf, thus the need for a more efficient way to gather offline and online data.

Snapcart technology is able to bridge the gap in gathering online and offline data by analyzing receipts in real time, and providing meaningful insights on how to understand customers better, to grow brands, and to see what drives growth or assess effectiveness of marketing promotions and campaigns.

As Snapcart processes more variety of receipts, the app can expand data analytics services to industries beyond Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to fashion, electronics, or food and beverages brands to name a few, providing more brands with better understanding of shoppers’ habits and preferences.

Snaptastic makes shopping more fun for users. While users have fun playing the in-app game, and increase cashbacks, brands on the other hand, gain more insight on consumer behavior through surveys, crowd-sourced images or more receipts that they submit while playing the game.

This is a breakthrough in an otherwise traditional way of conducting and answering surveys, and helps obtain even deeper insights about shoppers.

Buhay Mommy Guide:

For more information, visit the Snapcart Asia website or Facebook and download the app at the Google Play Store.

LOVEHOPEFAITH: Help Save the Cancer Patients #TimetoSaveaLife

Not all Filipinos are rich financially but we are rich in good morals and values and one of the traits that we are proud of is that we are always helping people in need in every way we can. May it be a monetary help, giving in kind or donation. When my youngest son was in the ICU for 2 months and I prayed to God, if He will only give Yvan a chance to live we will do our best to give it back in any way we can and sinabi ko din sa sarili ko I want to put up a foundation that can help young children sa hospital, yan ang unang una kong gagawin pag nanalo ako sa lottery. I am overwhelmed that I was able to be part of this campaign of LoveHopeFaith

In its commitment to provide affordable and quality products while giving back to the community, Lovehopefaith Group (LHF) has released its latest version of the sought-after Life Saver Watch last July. The version 3.0 features Japan Movement technology and is water resistant. Ten trendy colors are available in small and big sizes giving a wide array of variety for people from all ages to choose from.

Available colors are: Black, White, Gray, Mint, Navy Blue, Army Green, Red, Purple, Pink, and Brown

Life Saver Watch costs only Php250 and for each purchase, 50% of the net proceeds are donated to Lovehopefaith’s beneficiaries who are primarily children with cancer. Other beneficiaries include: Tahanan Sta. Luisa, a crisis intervention for street children, and Tahanan Carmela D’Amor, a center for abandoned children managed by the Sisters of the Divine Zeal.


Other LHF products such as the Life Saver Shirt, and Life Saver Bag continue to donate half of its proceeds to LHF beneficiaries.

LHF products are available at:

Lovehopefaith Gift Shop located at #36 Anonas Street Barangay Quirino 2B Project 2, Quezon City. We are open from Mondays thru Fridays at 9:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M; closed on holidays and weekends.

Bazaars. Event schedule is posted at LHF Facebook page and Instagram account


LHF also launched its shipping promo this September where ordered items of customers can be delivered to them without any shipping costs, terms and conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What products do LOVEHOPEFAITH sell?

♥ We sell gift items such as the Life Saver Watch, Life Saver Shirt, and Life Saver Bag.

What color and sizes are available? How much?

Life Saver Watch (big) Php250 each – Colors available: Black, White, Gray, Mint, Navy Blue, Army Green, Red, Purple, Pink, Brown

Life Saver Watch (small) Php250 each – Colors available: Black, White, Gray, Mint, Navy Blue, Army Green, Red, Purple, Pink, Brown

Life Saver Shirt Php250 each – Colors: white/black; Sizes available: 2XS,XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL

Life Saver Bag Php300 each – Color: black

Life Saver Watch (big) Php250 each – Colors available: Black, White, Gray, Mint, Navy Blue, Army Green, Red, Purple, Pink, Brown

♥ Where can we buy your products?  

We are located at: #36 Anonas St., Project 2, Quezon City. We are open from Mondays thru Fridays at 9:00AM-5:30PM; closed on holidays and weekends We also conduct bazaars across Metro Manila and announce them on our Facebook page and Instagram account. You may also order from us through text and have the items shipped to your address.

♥  How do I order (for delivery)?

Send us an SMS using the format: o NAME: o ORDER:  include item, size, colors/variant, and quantity o YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS

Send your text messages to 0917.8884516 and 09228740334

Where’s your store (physical)?

#36 Anonas St., Project 2, Quezon City. We are open from Mondays thru Fridays at 9:00AM-6:00PM; closed on holidays and weekends

Do you ship?

  • Yes, client shall shoulder the shipping and handling costs. Shipping fees depend on the weight and quantity of orders.
  • Client shall send his/her orders thru text including shipping address. We will give the details and procedure for payment once orders are placed.
  • For orders of Life Saver Watches and shirts shipping fee for Metro Manila starting at Php80 shall apply.
  • For provincial delivery, shipping fee starts at Php150.
  • Ongoing promo for shipping: FREE shipping for Metro Manila for orders of at least 4pcs of Life Saver Watch; FREE shipping for provincial orders of at least 8pcs of Life Saver Watch

How soon can I get my orders (delivery)?

Please allow LoveHopeFaith a 1-day lead for preparation of your orders. For example, if we received and confirmed receipt of your order and payment thru text on a Monday, your order will be prepared on Tuesday and picked up by the courier on Wednesday. Shipping to your address would be 2-4 business days for metro manila address and 3-7 business days for provincial address.

What are your modes of payment?  

Bank deposit (BDO)  for delivery orders, and cash at our store and bazaar booths.

Do you accept return of items?

Yes, please contact our numbers for more information. Or send us a message on our Facebook page. Please check our newsletter on our website to read more about our beneficiaries:

Please check our newsletter on our website to read more about our beneficiaries:  

How can we contact you?  

Contact us through our numbers 0917.8884516 and 09228740334, or send us an email at


LoveHopeFaith (LHF) is an all-Filipino social enterprise that was founded as an instrument to provide care and assistance to a cancer patient. . Fifty percent of the net proceeds from the purchases of LHF products are donated to its causes. As the business grew, LHF was able to add non-profit institutions to its list of beneficiaries.

Connect with LoveHopeFaith
For more information, visit our website at
Follow us on Facebook:

Skincare Review: Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength Lotion

Dry skin often results to fines lines and even wrinkles to our face and body. If we will not pay attention on this it can be unbearable. It feels itchy and irritated.

There are factor that causes our skin to dry that includes too much washing of hands using harsh soaps, too much use of alcohol and any other cleaning products. Even cold weather cause dry and flaky skin. This continue to worsen if we are using inadequate moisturizer or right lotion.

We don’t have helper at home so I am likely to be the all around mom who works with the laundry, washing clothes, feeding bottles and all. So, that gives me dry skin talaga. I noticed that dehydrated din talaga ako. So taking care of our skin should be holistic din. Making our skin healthy inside and out.

As seen on television commercial, Vaseline Advance Strength is clinically proven to restore very dry skin in just 5 days. Yes, can you imagine that? See my photo below if there were changes happened.

Product Specification:

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength, non greasy lotion and can be easily absorbed by the skin. Contains micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly that repairs the skin, soften, and moisturize the skin. It is hypoallergenic and safe for those who have sensitive skin. The bottle comes in a white with blue print and product description is written.

Price: P199.00 (200ml)

My experience using Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength:

Displaying IMG_5393.JPG

My 5-day test of Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Strength (no filter)

The way I pamper myself is not just taking my time bathing but adding more moisturizer, drinking lots of water  and taking Vitamin E for more good results.

It get absorbed like 2 minutes which gives me more time to massage it to my skin. You should not apply to much of it as it will make your skin greasy.

What I like about the product?

1. This lotion is so sticky and rich that gives intense moisturizing to my skin.

2. Affordable for the size of 200ml which I can use for long.

3. It has different size perfect for travelling.

4. Lightly scented lotion that gives amoy bagong ligo feeling.

5. You can see and feel the difference after 5 days of using it. Unti-unti nag heal ang dry skin ko.

5. Available in all leading drugstores and supermarket.

6. The micro-droplets Jelly helps hydrate my skin.

What I don’t like:

1. It feels greasy and prove to be heavy applying it during summer days. So, I am applying it at bedtime. (Inside air-conditioned room 🙂

2. There is no sunscreen protection, this lotion is specifically for treating dry skin.

Will I recommend this to friends with dry skin?


Will I buy again?

Yes. I think with continuous use of this product it will give me more radiant result and heal the dry skin I have.